Rethinking Technology Talent Development. Together

The world is moving at the speed of technology.  The demand for highly skilled talent in Networking, Server Administration, Desktop Support, Programming, and other areas of Information Technology has never been higher… and it’s only growing.

Yet will employers get the skilled workforce they need by doing the same thing we’ve always been doing?

Certainly not.

It’s time for innovation in IT workforce development.  It’s time for research-proven tactics that are effective.  It’s time to re-invent the way we think about preparing workers for the growing abundance of tech jobs, and Ethos Project is leading the way forward.

Focusing On The Future of Technology

In order to get people into great jobs, we need to focus on what employers need today and the jobs they’ll be hiring for tomorrow.

Ethos Project firmly believes in focusing on careers that are in high demand today and are growing, such as: Microsoft Server Administration, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Network Cabling, Microsoft SQL Database Administration, Information Security, Programming & Development, & more.

Education and the way people learn is also changing rapidly, and we believe in re-inventing workforce development with initiatives like our IT Apprenticeship program, our Open Door model, Information Security training & awareness initiatives, and more.

Just a Few of Our Partners:

TN Labor & Workforce Development
Memphis BioWorks Foundation
Greater Memphis IT Council
City of Memphis
Shelby County
Workforce Investment Network