Why Should I Care About Cyber-Security?

Wait.  Does it Really  Cause THAT Much Trouble?

Actually Probably More.

In a Successful Cyber-Attack, Your Company Typically Experiences:

  • Loss of Operations Time
  • Loss of Customer Confidence
  • Loss of New Business
  • Time & costs related to forensics
  • Time & costs related to Tech Support
  • Distraction from revenue building in order to recover
  • Time & costs rebuilding morale
  • Legal fees related to customer damages
  • Vast PR, Advertising, & image rebuilding costs
  • Legal fees related to vendors that may be involved
  • Distracted management spending time  on angry customers
  • Cost of replacing employees responsible for breach
  • Opportunity costs involved in the return to normalcy

OK, So What Do I Do About It?

That’s where we come in.  Introducing the:

Ethos Project is partnering with organizations like the Greater Memphis IT Council to bring you an array of resources that tackle Cyber-Security issues at all levels, the from Small Business Owner to Top Executives.

Giving you the resources you need to

protect your business.